Saturday, January 24, 2015

Challenge 1 Results!

I knew there would be miracles from praying every single day, and I was right! :D These are a few of the cool experiences that people who took the challenge reported:

"My day goes better, and I feel better, when I pray. Almost without exception. On days when I don't, I usually find myself feeling like something's missing, something's wrong, why don't I feel as good as I usually do... I can feel the difference."

True, right?? The next one really impressed me:

"I've been looking for ways to prepare for the Sunday School lessons this year and am trying to keep up with the member study guide and be open to new insights. I hometeach a single sister in our ward in her mid 30s and she's been through some frustrating dating situations in the last year. She was ready to give up not just on dating, but life altogether. However, she still knew that a priesthood blessing could help her regain some strength and faith. It was in that moment when some of Mary's words from Luke 1:48 gained New meaning. I shared this scripture and related to her that Mary could not accomplish the purpose of her creation without of "low estate" first. I never really understood what it meant to be of low estate until I was visiting with this sister. Then I was able to give her a blessing unlike most blessings I've given. It felt like I was truly acting as mouthpiece for our Father in heaven as I gave her counsel and promises that I wouldn't normally offer.
My daily habit of kneeling in prayer helped prepare me for this special experience and to help one of Heavenly Father's daughters to feel the hand of God in her life again. It also opened my eyes to new understanding and meaning from my scripture study. I know that He is mindful of our needs and wants to communicate with us. All we have to do is "knock, and it shall be opened unto [us].""

How incredible is that?? I love how his simple habit of daily prayer didn't only help him personally, it helped him influence someone else for good! :) One friend simply said:

"Things were insanely easier to deal with, and it was honestly easier to resist temptation."

PRAYER WORKS! Stay tuned for more results of Challenge 1! :)

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